The International Society for Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence – ISC® is founded with the aim to disseminate information about Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence and raise professionalism within this areas worldwide.

ISC® is an organization dedicated to:

1 – Promoting of the best professional practices of Coaching and NLP around the world

2 – Raising excellence standards of Coaching and NLP industry

3 – Promoting the ethical and professional uses of Coaching and NLP amongst all professionals

4 – Raising awareness amongst the general public about Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence

5 – Promoting the advancement of Emotional Intelligence research

6 – Supporting and encourages the practice of Emotional Intelligence in organizations

7 – Supporting international events, congresses and conferences

8 – Promoting opportunities for networking

Vision an Values

The vision of the Society is to be an integrative and representative organization of coaches and NLP professionals worldwide.

Our 3 core values are: Integrity, Excellence and Evolution.

ISC - International Society for Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence

By becoming a member of ISC® you are declaring your commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards that ISC® accreditations offers.