The Society offers a recognition system for courses or certification programs in Coaching, NLP or Emotional Intelligence.

ISC® provides accreditation for:

  • Training Centres
  • Coaching Trainers and NLP Trainers

If you are a Training Centre or a certified Coaching Trainer or NLP Trainer and wish to gain international accreditation for your courses, please contact us for further details about ISC® accreditation system:


Gain immediate prestige for your training programs

– Build credibility through use of ISC® accreditation logo on your site, training programs and marketing material.

Accreditation for Training Centres 

(Approved Training Centres)

Accreditation is the process by which the Society works with Training Centres to ensure the quality standards in training programmes and courses.

The ISC® accreditation process is open to all worldwide Training Centers.

Become an Approved Training Centre: if you are interested in becoming an accredited Training Center, please contact us for more details:

Accreditation for Trainers

(Recognised Courses)

If you are a Coaching Trainer or an NLP Trainer who wish to provide an ISC® Accredited Training Course, contact us: